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Monday, October 31st-  All Sessions-

CLASSES CANCELLED-  Happy Halloween!!


St. Paul Catholic Church

Religious Education

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The First Preparation Class for the First Reconciliation have begun.

Class #3 will be offered on Tuesday, October 25th from 6- 7:15 pm or Saturday, October 29th from 10 to 11:15 am. 

Information has been mailed to the homes of those who are eligible for this sacrament.  If you did not receive this information and believe that your child is eligible to receive the sacrament this year, please contact our office at 219-464-8502 or by using the "Contact" form found on this website.

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"To live caritably means not looking out for our own interests, but carrying the burdens of the weakest and poor among us."

October 21, 2016

God blesses us with shepherds to lead us closer to Him.  We are grateful to God for this kindness.  Our priests work day after day to fulfill their vocation as the "hands and feet of Christ" in this world.  Their work requires our support.  One of the best ways to thank God for this blessing is to pray each day for our priests.  Below, you will find a prayer written for just this purpose and a calendar outline a priest to pray for each day.  Please join us in in our effort to express our thanksgiving to God for the gift of His shepherds!

Prayer for Our Priests


You have constituted Your only begotten Son supreme and eternal Priest

for the glory of your majesty

and the salvation of mankind:

grant that those whom He has chosen

as ministers and dispensers

of His mysteries may be

found faithful in fulfilling

the ministry they have received.

Today we pray especially for (name).

Teach, lead and guide him always.

Correct, enlighten and

expand his thoughts and behavior.

Possess his soul;

take over his entire personality and life.

Let him live in you and

keep him in this intimate union always.

We ask this through Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen. 

Please Pray for Our Priests

Office Hours-

Mon & Tue-  9am to 7pm

Wednesday-  9am to 7:30pm

Thursday-    9am to 2pm

Saturday-  10am to 11:15am

Closed Fri & Sun


Tuesday, October 25th-  6- 7:15pm
     First Reconciliation Class #3

Saturday, October 29th-  10- 11:15am

     First Reconciliation Class #3, (repeat)

Daily Quote from Pope Francis

Registrations are being taken in person in our office during the following hours August 29th through Septmeber 1st-

        Mon:            9am to 7pm

        Tues:          9am to 7pm

        Wed:             9 am to 7:30pm

        Thurs:        9am to 2pm

        Sat:           10am to 11:15am

Classes have begun. However, registrations are taken throughout the year! This can be done by visiting our office anytime during the hours listed above. Please remember that due to the amount of information needed to register, registrations are not taken over the phone.  We hope to see you soon!

As Christians,  Jesuscalls us to beMercifulasOur FatherisMerciful.     May we act as Christians always!

I Will Worship Only The LORD

​Naaman went down and plunged into the Jordan seven times
at the word of Elisha, the man of God. 
His flesh became again like the flesh of a little child,
and he was clean of his leprosy.

Naaman returned with his whole retinue to the man of God. 
On his arrival he stood before Elisha and said,
“Now I know that there is no God in all the earth,
except in Israel.
Please accept a gift from your servant.”

Elisha replied, “As the LORD lives whom I serve, I will not take it;”
and despite Naaman's urging, he still refused. 
Naaman said: “If you will not accept,
please let me, your servant, have two mule-loads of earth,
for I will no longer offer holocaust or sacrifice
to any other god except to the LORD.”​

​2Kings 5: 14-17

Dates to remember-

Please Prayfor Those Who Serve in

       our Military!

First Reconciliation Classes

Works of Mercy

The Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy are actions we can perform that extend God’s compassion and mercy to those in need.

Corporal Works of Mercy

The Corporal Works of Mercy are these kind acts by which we help our neighbors with their material and physical needs. 

  • Feed the hungry
  • Shelter the homeless
  • Clothe the naked
  • Visit the sick and imprisoned
  • Bury the dead
  • Give alms to the poor

Spiritual Works of Mercy

The Spiritual Works of Mercy are acts of compassion, as listed below, by which we help our neighbors with their emotional and spiritual needs. 

  • Instruct
  • Advise
  • Console
  • Comfort
  • Forgive
  • Bear wrongs patiently


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